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You have a choice when you select an aircraft maintenance provider. AMS is committed to keeping you flying safely and in style. Our reputation is at stake with every certification and repair we perform and that's why our services will meet or exceed your expectations every time.


  • Annual or Progressive Inspections on piston single, twin, and turbine aircraft. 
  • RVSM, IFR, and VFR Certifications.
  • Special inspections.


Are you interested in upgrading your aircraft? AMS is here to

help.  Should you ever need anything from a Blackhawk upgrade to Knots2u  to a Power Flow Exhaust Kit or avionics installations, AMS has the experience and resources necessary to complete the job on time and on budget. 


Aircraft Maintenance Services, Inc. offers the following special services:
  • Propeller Balancing
  • RVSM, IFR, and VFR Certifications.
  • Mobile Service should you break down away from home.
  • Weekend service for emergency needs.

"We have been using AMS for the past 14 years with outstanding results. They complete the work on time and no hidden costs or excuses. They always communicate discrepancies found and shop parts to get the best prices. The mechanics are some of the best out there. We have tried many maintenance facilities with well known names in the southeast and have found mechanics being trained on our aircraft while being serviced and still getting charged full freight. AMS started performing our maintenance while we had a King Air F90. Our maintenance costs were reduced by half without any compromises. Since discovering AMS, they have maintained all of our aircraft to include two Cheyenne 400LS's, a Citation 500, a Citation II, a Citation III and a Falcon 10."  

                                                                                                                                 - Dean Carrara, Chief Pilot 

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