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Avionics Upgrades With AMS

As original equipment in aircraft gets older it becomes harder and more expensive to fix, causing people to want to replace their existing avionics and instruments with new modern systems. When looking for an avionics facility to perform your upgrade it is important to find a shop that not only understands new digital equipment, but also understands older analog equipment. Our team at AMS Avionics has knowledge and experience with all the quirks that come with both old and new equipment, and we know how to incorporate the two together to provide a safe reliable solution that has all the benefits, performance, and capabilities you are looking for. 

We treat our aircraft differently. 


Avionics Repair


Are you tired of flying around with only half of your autopilot working or noise in your headset? AMS has the knowledge to quickly resolve your issue and get it fixed in an economical way. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

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Avionics Installations


Looking to upgrade your panel? AMS Avionics has the solution for you. From a complete panel retrofit on a King Air to a iPad mini mount in a 172, AMS has the experience and resources to get the job done. Contact us today to start a conversation about upgrading your avionics. 


Congratulations to our senior avionics technician, Ryan Turiak, on being named the 2019 SCAA AMT of the year and the 2020 SC FAA FSDO AMT of the year.

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