About Us

Hi, my name is Frank Schumpert.  I started this business in January of 1994, but I have worked in aircraft maintenance since 1978. 


Folks must like what we do, how we do it, and how we treat our customers.  I received the FAA Maintenance Technician of the Year Award in 1999. This award is chosen by our peers and  FAA personnel.


AMS is an FAA Repair Station (#FO7R634N) for RVSM Inspections, IFR certification of transponders, altimeters and static systems, and Avionics installation and troubleshooting. 


We perform FAA required inspections on single-engine and multi-engine

piston and turbine aircraft.We are able to repair major damage from

gear-up landings, or storm-damaged single or multi-engines.


You have a choice when you select an aircraft maintenance provider.  

AMS is committed to keeping you flying safely and in style.  

Our reputation is at stake with every certification and repair we perform

and that's why our services will meet or exceed your expectations every time.



Call us anytime at (803) 708-7191 to discuss your aircraft.



At AMS, we'll take care of it.

"For 15 years, I've flown my Baron to Camden for service from Frank Schumpert  and the other great folks--yielding for me 1500 hours safe flying. Now they've opened at KCUB and they're 100 yards from my hangar. 'Must be good aeronautical karma. I may not be their biggest customer, but they always treat me that way and I might be among their most loyal and thankful."

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